Monday, February 1, 2010

The Goal Video and other Theory of Constraints Videos ON SALE

Get on-line access to ALL Goldratt Theory of Constraints Videos for the entire month of February for only $499. To take full advantage of this offer ACT NOW! You will have access for the entire month of February 2010.

If you have ever wanted to learn Theory of Constraints or hear more from Goldratt, now is the time. You get access for the entire month of February to the whole video library brought to you with one of the best technologies available for internet streaming and OnDemand learning.

Here's what you will have access to:

Finance and Measurements
Operations / Production
Project Management
Supply Chain
Sales and Buy-In
Managing People
Strategy and Tactics
Thinking Processes
Change Management
Health Care
Personal development

The Goal movie
Necessary & Sufficient Series
Goldratt Explains
ALL the TOCICO Conferences
Goldratt Satellite Program
Realization Project Flow
Goldratt Webcast Series

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