Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Theory of Constraints Overcoming Resistance To Change

Here's a couple of my TOCTips from Twitter.  Both are on the subject of overcoming resistance to change from the Theory of Constraints perspective.

[TOC Tip241] Want people 2 accept change? Present THEIR + – 2 change & their + - 2 not changing. Theory of Constraints #tocot

[TOC Tip240] People do NOT resist change, they judge it. Theory of Constraints #tocot

Now here is a video on how to do it.  This video was written by Eliyahu M Goldratt, author of The Goal to promote his NEW edition of his still relatively new book, Isn't It Obvious.

Leave your comments (or questions) and let me know what you think about the video and/or about the content.  Do you agree with this video?

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Tom Ham said...

Amazing how those simple examples so easily illustrate such a tough thing for most people, especially in a business environment (but it applies to your personal life too!)

Thanks Lisa for sharing!

Josh said...
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Josh said...

Great Video, love the Choice, and this explains one of its concept well to anyone. The mermaid, alligator, crutch, gold are great symbols to help everyone remember and discuss.

Rex Williams said...

What a great video! I hope I don't have to compete with that one.

I'll see what I can throw together. $1000 is a big enough pot of gold for me.

Michael Carroll said...

How does this model account for the people that truly do not want anything different. I have not read the book yet. The video talks about how buyers are liers. So how do you deal with the + and - if the person you are working with cannot adequately or does not know what his + or - is? Has the TOC model shifted to account for intuition with this new method of introducing change? I can only think about some of my clients where my gut said they were not ready for the changes that they said they wanted.

Dr Lisa Lang said...

If people truly don't want anything different -- then I don't think this will convince them they do.

I think this exercise could be helpful for someone wanting to determine if they want something different than they have. If they thought through their +s and -s, maybe they would discover something?

You can not have logic without intuition.

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