Saturday, July 9, 2011

Science applied to People Management | Science applied to Human Resources

Managing people is still one of the toughest things we do.  (Click video link below.)
 A friend (hi Kathy) recently sent me this video that addresses the science of managing people /human resouces and ourselves (my take). The reason she sent it was because my personality is similar to the presentor -- at least in her opinion.
 And, I have to admit I really related both to the personality (a lot) and to the subject matter. 

 Anyway, I thought this video was really good. It seems very consistent with Theory of Constraints and fills a gap. 
It's only 20 minutes, so check it out: 

After you watch it, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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John said...

The key part in Brene's presentation is for any individual to be seen on various levels when risking one's vulnerability.The person needs to risk judgement, possible rejection and loss of self while they go to depths that they needed to be seen on. One needs courage and a leap of faith that one will survive and be held by another in a way that is containing, supportive and present.
A nice presentation.

Jorge Ronchese said...


Althought I like the presentation I am not able to relate it to TOC.

Greetings from Argentina.
Jorge Ronchese

JW said...

Like this woman, and many who are taught in systems thinking, I found an intellectual path to a spiritual awakening. It started when I saw the Goldratt satellite series about a dozen years ago. Goldratt said (paraphrasing) 'don't try to impose certainty on inherently uncertain situations.' Since that time it struck me how much his teaching of "Murphy" is relevant to issues of vulnerability and faith. My eyes have been open ever since. Ever notice how Deming's work on common and special causes of variation mirror's the message of the Serenity Prayer? Or that the earliest work on conditional probability was done by a Presbyterian Minister?

Jim Bowles said...

Beautiful presentation - Brene brought tears to my eys several times due to her insightful comments. Must send the link to my daughter. I could relate to the TOC bits but will need to view it again so that I can focus on the logic as well as the emotion in her talk. She's a brilliant speaker. So I guess you are too Lisa. Regards
Jim Bowles

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