Thursday, August 5, 2010

Theory of Constraints Cloud Thinking Process Tool 4 Conflict Resolution

I just completed my first Stompernet faculty office hour where I covered the Theory of Constraints Thinking Process tool called the Cloud or the Evaporating Cloud.  The cloud is used to understand the root cause of undesirable effects and/or conflicts.

While the cloud is part of the complete Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes, it is also a very useful stand alone tool.  You can use this quick reference guide to get you started. 

Here is the one page overview I created for quick reference:

If you want a book on the subject, here's a couple that I recommend:
Thinking for a Change by Lisa J. Scheinkopf.
The Logical Thinking Process by H. William Dettmer (Bill Dettmer)

And in this one, Dr Goldratt talks about how to think and why clear thinking is so important:
The Choice by Eliyahu M Goldratt  (it's a novel)

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Rodney Daut said...

Dr. Lisa,

I'm impressed that you are a member of the Stompernet faculty. I was looking for information on how to use TOC in my online business and it looks like you must have some insights into that since you are on Stompernet's faculty.

Do you have any courses that teach how to apply TOC to an online business selling an info product?

If so I'd like to get it right away.

Dr Lisa Lang said...

Check out and

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