Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Theory of Constraints POOGI - Part 47

We are continuing our series based on The Goal by Eliyahu M Goldratt and the Theory of Constraints. {This series was co-written with Brad Stillahn.}

Do you really think you can do it all yourself? continued

Brad: "So, we agree on the problem. What's the direction of the solution? How can a small business owner get the talent they need to grow profitably?"

Dr. Lisa: "Well, that depends. It is ultimately the business owner's decision. I think it comes down to two choices that are not mutually exclusive:
1. Build an effective management team, and/or
2. Get outside help."

Dr. Lisa: "When small business owners think about getting outside help, they generally think about solving specific problems, not about running the overall business better. They'll get one consultant for one type of improvement, and a different consultant for another type of problem."

Brad: "We're back to affordability. Outside help costs a lot of money. If I have a problem I can't fix myself, I'll get the help I need to fix the problem. Like a plumber, electrician, or a 6S Lean consultant."

Dr. Lisa: "Think bigger. A business should be a money-making machine. There is one overall process that needs to be defined and improved."

Brad: "Well, I can think of a couple of examples of ways to get outside help. One is to belong to and be active in an industry association like NTMA. That's a way to learn from successful peers. Another is to join a CEO membership organization like Vistage. I've been a member for six years and it has provided me value."

Dr. Lisa: "Absolutely, both are important. But I have a recommendation. Get help to specifically improve your business, your money-making machine."

Brad: "I did that. I paid for the best TOC consultants available for four years before I felt I was self-sufficient. But that was expensive. The day-rates were sky-high. We're back to affordability."

Dr. Lisa: "Any good consultant should be willing to get paid if and only if they produce bottom-line results."

Brad: "But we've made the case that a business owner can't know everything. Can a consultant know it all?"

Dr. Lisa: "Well, we like to think so! I recommend a business process improvement team that is involved over a period of time to help the business owner achieve his or her goals. To help them think big, we recommend 'Viable Vision'. Viable Vision is defined as turning your sales level into your profit level in four years or less. It's aggressive but doable. And the value of the business soars with such increased profitability."
If you are a business owner that would like to turn your company's sales level into its profit level in four years or less, please contact Brad Stillahn at with an email that says "I'm interested". We'll follow up to discuss how it just might be possible for you, and share with you our 100% results-based option where you pay if and only if your bottom-line increases."

Here's to maximizing YOUR profits!

Dr Lisa Lang

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